Thursday, June 16, 2011

strawberry harvest

this evening
i worked my way through our strawberry patch
delicately cupping clusters of
sun warmed crimson fruit

hunched like a greedy troll
while on tip-toe
may have looked like a mountain dancer

while in reality
i was minding the space underfoot
careful not to crush
those berries not yet at perfect pitch

last year
we planted 4 varieties of strawberry
two june bearing
chandler and sequoia
one everbearing
and finally
which we grew from seed
direct from italy

the berries grow different sizes
at different rates
each with its own flavor profile
but equally sweet
very sweet
with strawberry flavor
saturates your tongue

our first harvest
is strictly for eating
one by one
until our bellies are full
and our lips
rosy red
i'll let you know if there are any left for sharing


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