Tuesday, June 28, 2011

strawberry cream soda

when i think of summer picnics
my mind wanders to
a scene from oklahoma
the one where they were raising money for the schoolhouse
the gals made picnic hampers
the pals bid on them

while we never actually saw the food
we were told
that under the kitchen cloth, the baskets overflowed with
food. so. good.

it made people break out in song

i wish my picnics were as magical

i'm betting
if i whipped this cream soda out of my hamper
hubster would whisk me away
in a
surrey with  fringe on top
white horses and all
strawberry cream soda
makes 1 serving
1 Tbs mashed strawberries or strawberry puree
sugar *
1 Tbs cream
1/2 cup ice cold ginger ale
ice cubes
*summer strawberries are so sweet the don't need extra sugar, but if you like a really sweet soda, use at your discretion.
place the strawberries and cream in a glass and give it a good stir.  add several ice cubes and then pour ginger ale to fill the glass.  serve immediately.


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