Monday, June 20, 2011

chocolate eclairs

while in paris last fall
hubster and i made a quick stop
a beautiful pastry shop known world-wide 
gorgeous confections and beautiful tea salon
only in paris for the afternoon
via chunnel from london in the morning
and scheduled
on a sleeper train to barcelona, later in the evening
we were making a whirl-wind day of it
while waiting in a very long taxi queue, i spotted a gentleman
with a car for hire
because it was hubster's first time in paris
we wanted to see as many sights as possible, in our short stay
i made a unilateral decision 
a hired car was definitely the way to go
pierre was a good sport
negotiated fairly with me
despite my butchering of his beautiful language

as i waved hubster from the taxi queue, i saw a look i have never before seen 
one that perfectly combined the relief he felt that we would be on our way
worry that i had blown our entire travel budget on a frivolous luxury
he was partly right

the day was perfect
we climbed the eiffel tower, stood under the arc de triomphe
glided down the the champs-elysees, spent hours in the louvre
relished in a languid lunch with a bottle of wine
shared afternoon tea with well dressed dames at laudree

drunk with culture and satiated with sweets
i eagerly purchased the laudree sucre cookbook
a beautiful tome with a cover of suede
presented in a gift box
so beautiful and full of promise
i tucked it away for the rest of our journey
and promptly forgot about it
recently i discovered this little jewel
and became inspired
which is why
on a whim
i made eclairs


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