Thursday, February 17, 2011

spa party cupcakes

my niece julia
turns 12 this month
her party was last week

she asked if i would make cupcakes
with lots of fondant
(apparently, she loves it)
in a spa-sleepover theme

she chose blue and pink as her colors

i made the fondant toppers the day before baking the cupcakes, and let them sit at room temperature overnight.

*note, i used duff goldman black fondant and it worked well--i liked the texture a lot. it is important to warm it in the microwave a bit before working with it.  i didn't use dg white, as it is "buttercream" flavored, not the flavor my niece loves. for the white and colored pieces i used satin ice brand tinted with gel food color.
(i am not compensated for endorsing or mentioning either brand)

i am linking these up to

Bubbly Nature
tatertots and jello weekend wrap up

and the tattered tag


  1. wow! so talented! the cup cakes look great :) hope ur well darls! <3

  2. These are so cute Christy! You did a great job with the fondant. And the cupcakes look tasty too!

  3. I just cannot get over these! :) I love the bunny slippers! So precious! What a lucky little girl to have your for an aunt.

  4. Super cute! You've got talent my friend. I don't think i could make a finished cupcake look even remotely that beautiful! I'm betting they tasted as delicious as they looked too!

  5. Christy -- how did you get them to stay on top?? They are the darn cutest cupcakes ever...the bunny slippers, the flipflops, and the lipstick make these over the top! Joni

  6. The fondant bunny slippers are just about the cutest things ever! Beautiful work!

  7. AHH those are SOOOO cute!!! Thanks so much for linking them up... I love flip flops, and the bunny slippers are so fun!

  8. What a lucky girl, those are so cute and creative, love the bunny slippers!

  9. These are absolutely darling! If you get a chance tomorrow, I'd love for you to link these up to my Not "Baaad" (get it?) linky party :)

  10. Those toppers are awesome! Would love for you to link them to my next Craftastic Monday party.

  11. Those are adorable ... you're so talented!

  12. these are simply adorable! Very talented! Glad to have found your site! Now following!

  13. How cute are those toppers!

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