Friday, January 7, 2011

honey, honey makes the world go 'round

have i told you about our bees?
we have a single hive
along-side our garden
at our mountain cabin
hubster does most of the work

i do the easy stuff
like whip up
simple sugar sustenance
when nectar is scarce
i also provide 
a lovely pin cushion
for angry bees
i am slightly allergic
which means 
i swell like the stuffed gullet
of an unfortunate goose
my throat doesn't close
i deal with it
my other job
(outside of nectar management)
is collecting the honey
we were quite cautious this year
leaving most of the honey for the hive
for their winter fuel

as a treat
we pulled one frame
we could gift our honey
to family and friends this holiday season
with all the positive feedback
i wish we would have gathered more
everyone loves it
and is asking for seconds

 one woman insisted
that no matter the cost
she HAD to have some
her body needed it
even i
think that is a bit dramatic
i do live in Los Angeles
where tragedy 
surfaces as
no availability at the nail salon

we packaged the honey in 
fabulous weck jars
and i made
these cute little
beehive baubles
from fimo
for a personal touch
our honey
is not heated
only slightly filtered
nothing like
what you find
at the grocery store
i guard it
and maybe
just a teentsy-weentsy bit
hoard it
it is liquid gold


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