Monday, January 17, 2011

gum wrapper wreath

i'm probably aging myself
by admitting
that a favorite past-time of mine
as a kid
was making gum wrapper chains
i just loved it
sticks of gum
are not easily found anymore
colorful paper is
it works just as well
for a tutorial on how to fold
click here
i cut the heart shape from a box 
and wrapped it in pink ribbon
then wrapped it again
in gum wrapper chain
rather loosely,
to give it a "bubbled" effect
this is not a quick craft
i folded about 5000 papers for this wreath
i suggest
getting the whole family involved


  1. Oh I love this! I remember making gum wrapper chains too!! This really makes a huge impact!

  2. What an incredible labor of love! The colors are exquisite, and that bow is luscious!

  3. Love this with all these colors beautiful.

  4. wow that looks really neat :) love the reef :)

  5. i LOVE this. love. it.

  6. This is awesome!! WOW! Great job :)

  7. wow! I love it,, I plan on making one too,, what size is this...I can remember doing this when I was small too..just forgot about it until I saw your blog,, thanks for the memory!!
    Debbie Parrish

  8. I love this, it turned out beautifully! I'm curious to know, though, what size of paper strips you started out with?

  9. I love this. how big did you cut your strips of paper? i'd love to do it with my students!

  10. This is just gorgeous!!! I can't believe you wrapped THAT much must be very patient. :)

  11. I love this wreath - the texture and colors are so fun!

  12. jen and sydney...thanks for the question...i used strips of paper approximately 3" long. the wreath is 16" at its widest point and 13" long. the width of the heart base is about 2"

  13. So cute! Featuring your wreath on my blog today! Check it out! :)

    - Lauren

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this with the readers at Rook No. 17 or "A Little Birdie Told Me..." Tuesdays! You know I think this wreath is positively exquisite! All that folding certainly sounds time consuming, but the results sure seem completely worthwhile!

  15. Just dropping by to let you know that I linked to this post in a round up today from the Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip. :) You can see the feature here

    If you would like a "featured by" button, you can grab one here!

  16. This is incredibly cute!

    I'm a new follower :)


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