Friday, December 17, 2010

one of santa's?

i know it isn't food--but i had to share
i was browsing through a british mag
a cast off from my cousin
and found the most delightful tableau
from living etc december 2010
and i thought
i could probably make that
 i didn't look at it close enough
i see now
that it was a small little table-top picture
is not
my mantle december 2010
but i love it anyway
and hubster does too
now that he knows it is just for the holidays

he was a bit suspect
 and slightly concerned 
i might start making "art"
for the house

this was really simple
i purchased a cheap canvas
painted the background white-white
drew the elk freehand in pencil
painted it burnt umber
 a few strands of battery operated lights
strategically placed and poked through
(a little hot glue to secure)
gives it a sparkly-snowy feel
simple, right?

i was thinking of making eight more
  to line our living room wall
as if i
curate santa's hall of fame


  1. Hi! Stopping by from weekend wrap up. This is so cool. The lights really add to the whole look!

  2. Very nice! You draw great free hand and I really like the lights.

  3. Hi, I'm also linking over from Tatertots & Jello. This is very cool. I can't believe you "free-hand" drew the outline! Great job.

    Warmly, Michelle

  4. Christy, you are one ambitious girl! That is very cute -- love the lights. Joni

  5. this is fantastic!

    love everything about it. the lights are a nice surprise!


  6. This looks fantastic! I can't believe you were doubted! ;) Great job!

  7. I want to make one of those! My husband has a couple of deer heads and a giant elk head that we don't have room for in our house....this would be perfect for us.
    But I could never hand draw that! Maybe you could draw one out that I could enlarge and trace????

  8. 9 in total - that would be so hysterical. Your freehand drawing ability is pretty darned impressive! Cute with the lights behind the canvas. :)

  9. Super Cute! I'd love it if you joined in on our "show off" post @
    My readers would love this craft! Have a great week.

  10. Super cool. I may try this but as a black silhouette. Thanks for sharing. Terry

  11. Hello! I found you at Tater Tots and Jello and I am loving your blog! I wanted to invite you to enter my $50 American Express giveaway and my link party that are both going on this week! Keep up the great blogging and happy holidays! -Dana

  12. Love it! Just featured your amazing project on my blog!


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