Friday, December 17, 2010

one of santa's?

i know it isn't food--but i had to share
i was browsing through a british mag
a cast off from my cousin
and found the most delightful tableau
from living etc december 2010
and i thought
i could probably make that
 i didn't look at it close enough
i see now
that it was a small little table-top picture
is not
my mantle december 2010
but i love it anyway
and hubster does too
now that he knows it is just for the holidays

he was a bit suspect
 and slightly concerned 
i might start making "art"
for the house

this was really simple
i purchased a cheap canvas
painted the background white-white
drew the elk freehand in pencil
painted it burnt umber
 a few strands of battery operated lights
strategically placed and poked through
(a little hot glue to secure)
gives it a sparkly-snowy feel
simple, right?

i was thinking of making eight more
  to line our living room wall
as if i
curate santa's hall of fame


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