Monday, December 10, 2012

honey spiced latte

i mostly drink tea
but this time of year
i love a festive coffee drink
that isn't filled
syrups and sugar

because we have honey bees
i have a nice fresh stock of honey on hand
at all times

paired with warming spices
it is a delicious addition
to a hot cup of joe

Honey Spiced Latte
perfect for a cool day, or apris ski
1 Tbs honey
dusting of cardamom
dusting of cinnamon
dusting of ginger
4 oz of hot espresso
6 oz steamed milk and foam
Put the honey in the bottom of the mug or glass.  Dust the spices over the honey. Pour the hot espresso over and stir until the honey melts.  Add milk to your liking.  Top with foam and dust with a bit more cinnamon and ginger.  Drizzle honey on top.


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