Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghosts of Halloween Past

I Love Halloween 
It just might be my favorite holiday after Thanksgiving. Halloween has always been a big deal for me.  While I absolutely have always loved the gobs and gobs of candy, it doesn't compete with the crisp air and dressing up in silly costumes.  As I child I never was subjected to one of those "boxed" outfits with a plastic mask...nor a sheet with holes in it.  I always had a home made costume...raggedy ann, becky thatcher, hobo, clown, mummy...just to name a few.  As I got older my costumes followed news stories...baghwan shree rajneesh, monica seles with knife in back, a Benneton  ad, zsa zsa gabor just after attacking the police officer....
Once, as an executive of a large corporation I showed up at work in a costume...a "Got Milk" ad.  Other executives (mostly male), looked away, couldn't make eye contact, and were simply uncomfortable around me. Finally, one brave soul said, "hey you have something on your upper lip".  When I acknowledged that yes I did and it was milk, pointing to my shirt, he was still confused.  When I said it was Halloween, it was as if a fog lifted. Oh yeah..."great costume", was the response.  
Perhaps not the best career move for an up and coming young female executive.  
At the time I didn't care, and I don't care now.  If being an executive meant being stuffy, controlled and boring, then count me out. 
And they did.
Some of my most lonely Halloween moments were when I lived in England. At the time, Halloween wasn't popular like here in the US.  Yes we had a party, but the only trick or treaters that showed were a few teenagers asking for beer. 
After the requisite lecture, I gave them a candy bar.  
Since I've been married, Halloween has taken on a life of its own.  My husband might possibly enjoy Halloween more than I do.  His costumes are amazing.  Several years ago he spent months, sculpting a bust of his face, so he could make a mold, so he could make a Frankenstein mask.  We had decided to throw a party that year, so we transformed our tiny condominium into a dungeon and laboratory.  I was his bride...

The following year we went with a bayou theme and we each had a costume for Halloween (passing out candy) and one for the party.

On our way to pass out candy

On the Bayou

Earl from Earl's Alligator Farm checking out the vittles

This year we are not having a party, but are heading to a friend's house to pass out candy and provide some tricks of our own.  Next year is party year and we are already talking about themes and costumes.



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