Tuesday, September 10, 2013

adventures in goat milk

we have goats
dairy goats

darling sweet girls
that will provide us with lots of milk
in the years to come
but for now
they are still growing
little doelings

while we wait
i have been practicing my recipes
goat milk from a local dairy

i am trying out my cream separator for the first time

goat's milk is naturally homogenized
which means the cream does not automatically rise to the top
you have to spin it out

this is how you do it
i ran a half-gallon of fresh goat milk through
yielding about 1/2 cup of heavy cream

in order to get the best results
the milk needs to be warm as it goes through the separator

what to do with all that delicious warm frothy milk?
make delicious coffee drinks 
of course
fresh goat milk is delicious
it has a mild and sweet taste
virtually indistinguishable 
fresh cow's milk

best of all
it can be used to make


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