Sunday, September 25, 2011

cookbook review {the homesick texan-by lisa fain}

such a gorgeous book
the homesick texan
slick and bright
filled with beautiful food
real food
styled to seduce
without mocking the earnest home cook
(we've all been there, full of color and gloss on the page and just a muddle of beige in our home kitchen)

the homesick texan tells a story
of a time
of a place
of a person
of a passion

skillfully woven like heirloom linens
 yellowed with age
well worn memories

everything is not BIG in texas
lisa fain proves
flavors can be bold in their subtlety 

with careful alchemy
dried chiles are coaxed back to life
delicately nudged into sweet strawberry guajillo jam
and then
as if a storm rolled in
generously heaped into one-hour texas chili

the food in this book is not fussy
nor is it expected
its pages do not hold
a nacho recipe
piled high with runny cheese and a week's worth of calories
you find
fresh baked corn chips neatly crisp 
each composed to a perfect bite

in the hundred plus recipes
you will find
the makings of
a homey winter breakfast 
biscuits, cream gravy, canned apples and migas
a summer lunch 
avocado soup, crawfish rolls and cornmeal shortcakes
a longhorn tailgate 
chipotle pimento cheese, dr. pepper ribs, shrimp and okra gumbo, cornbread and cobbler

along with many other intrigues
that will coax the texan out of you

The Homesick Texan is now available on-line and at your local book shop 
i give it a strong recommend

a small group of us virtually gathered each week
to cook, share and review
(you can see those recipes and reviews here)

as part of this effort

we received an advance copy of 

*This post is part of The Homesick Texan Cookbook Spotlight and Cook-Off sponsored by Hyperion and hosted at girlichef


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