Tuesday, November 8, 2011

tuesday night supper club no. 49 {featuring mommy? i'm hungry}

welcome to november's supper club
under our new format, we spotlight a blogger that makes great food.
this month we are featuring rachelle from
which i can't imagine
is a lasting problem
this gal can cook
last month she submitted these incredible ribs
 i know they are incredible
because the very next day
i made them
and so should you

i curious about rachelle
i asked some questions
it should have been 10
but i'm a dork, and asked the same question twice
mea culpa

1.  your blog has such a cute name--why did you start blogging and how long have you had the blog
The name comes from my kids of course being a food related blog I thought it was cute. I had a website page years ago (before 2003?) where I added our family recipes, then in 2007 I decided I would turn that in to a "blog" and share it with others. Little did I know of the world of recipe blogs out there then. I have since branched it off to include product reviews and giveaways.
2.  what is your favorite season to cook in?
Hmm, maybe Christmas time for all the goodies you get to hand out and share with all the family or Summer for the grilling.
3.  what 3 things do you always have in your shopping cart?
Besides the obvious bread milk or eggs, probably a block of cheese to slice or shred, fresh meats and produce.
4.  do you have a favorite recipe?
I have many! The one I've made most lately is this steak marinade, even my kids go "Mmmm" when they eat this dinner. http://ldylvbgr.blogspot.com/2010/07/steak-marinade.html
5.  besides cooking, what else inspires you?
Photography. When I see other's food photos they inspire me to try to do better with mine. 
6.  what are your top 2 kitchen essentials?
#1 My Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I make my bread dough, mashed potatoes, cheeseball dip and more in it. Whatever I am lazy to mix by hand. 
#2  A sharp chef's knife. I don't have anything fancy, I use my little knife sharpener tool and they work just as great. I do a lot of chopping, dicing for Holiday meals and a sharp knife makes prep go faster.
7.  why would you be a great dinner party guest?
I  make lots of homemade foods and more than likely you'll get to bring some home with you!
8.   dream dinner party--guest list,menu, drinks, music and location
I think I'd pick a BBQ on the beach, maybe in a house at the beach with some fast party dance music. I'd invite all our close friends and family. We'd feast on grilled burgers, carne asada tacos, grilled corn on the cob, my baked beans and potato salad and for dessert my famous secret recipe carrot cake and cherry cheesecake.

9. sweet or savory?
Sweet. I love desserts. Either fruit /custard pies or something chocolate
raise your hand if you want to be invited to the dream dinner party
please take some time to visit rachelle
click HERE
to go directly to mommy?i'm hungry

now it is time to see what you are cooking this week.  
remember, i pick my spotlight features from those who link up. 
will it be you? 
if you are new to the supper club, please go HERE  first, then link up

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  1. Thank you so much for spotlighting me, I had fun answering your questions.

    Please enjoy my Pork Pot Stickers I'm sharing here. =)


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