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tuesday night supper club no. 48 {featuring cooking underwriter}

welcome to tuesday night supper club
under our new format, we spotlight a blogger that makes great food.
this month we are featuring mrs. mix it (or as i know her)sheila from cooking underwriter.  
the best way i can describe sheila is enthusiastic.  
she is a busy working mom and wife 
who always finds time to whip something delicious up in the kitchen  
you should also know
she hosts amazing (culinary related) give-a-ways.  
food is delicious, but not fussy.  
last month sheila linked up this gorgeous gluten-free crumble to the supper club
honestly, doesn't it make you want to reach through the screen and dig in? 
yeah, me too
so you could get to know sheila 
i asked her a few questions
she was kind enough to share some favorite recipes as well

How did you start blogging? To be honest, 1. One Fabulous Mom bullied me into starting this blog! I started my career as an underwriter in the insurance industry working my way up to the top. When I would have a bad day at work I always came home and baked a dessert and cooked a special dinner.  If it was a really bad day, it always involved a meal with mashing or mixing with my hands. It was like therapy! As the years went on I would share my recipes whether they were baked or cooked with neighbors and friends. These friends and neighbors always suggested that I start a restaurant or bakery however, it was just not in the cards. So the answer was a blog! I wanted to share my love of cooking with all of you. My recipes are back to basics recipes that are simple and easy and sometimes gluten free but not super fancy.

How long have you been blogging? I started building my blog in my head in September of 2009.  However, it took me another 11 months in order to put Cooking Underwriter together. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I wanted it to look professional. I finally got the courage to post in August of 2010 and have been posting ever since three days a week.

You've transitioned to mostly gluten free recipes because of your daughter's diet restrictions. Do you find yourself adapting recipes or creating new recipes from scratch? Yes, I cook and bake mostly gluten free because of my daughters food restrictions. However, I cook with whatever I have in the kitchen cupboards and freezer. I never plan a meal; I just look through, the sale adds on Tuesdays, in my local area and see what is on sale. If I have a coupon for that particular item and if I do it’s an extra added bonus. Then I freeze all meat, fish and poultry and defrost what I need when I’m in the mood to cook or bake. Since my daughter Miss J has become gluten free and it is so expensive to buy gluten free cookies and baked goods. I have learned how to substitute and make all sorts of gluten free goodies on my own out of necessity. For instance I have a recipe on my blog for Gluten free Ice cream sandwiches. I went into a local Gluten Free Store and bought Miss J one Ice Cream Sandwich, NOT A BOX just one Ice Cream Sandwich! The cashier said “That will be 7.50 please.”  I was in shock I quickly learned to make them and freeze them and stock up.

What three things do you always have in your shopping cart? Butter, old-fashioned Oats, and Milk. , I can never keep any of those items in the house and when I run out a trip to Costco is in order because they now have an Organic section and you can save a lot of money.

Tell us about your greatest food memory. I don’t have just one greatest food memory I have food memories that always include friends and neighbors sharing food on a regular basis.  I have many food memories, especially with the holidays coming around; I love Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving and we have at least two Thanksgiving feasts a year. I can’t get enough of Turkey and all of the trimmings, from creamed cornAcorn Squash Florets with Apple Sage Sausage StuffingGerman Cabbage, I also love all of the desserts and goodies Butter Tarts and Pecan Tarts,pumpkin crunch souffle, and lemon meringue pie . The good thing is I’m married to a Canadian so we celebrate both American and Canadian Thanksgiving with all of the trimmings. 

Do you have a favorite recipe that makes it into your "rotation" often? Yes, we love Home made Pizza and I have figured out how to make the dough from scratch both regular pizza dough and gluten free pizza dough. So depending who is coming over or what’s going on with us we sometimes have both.  Especially when Miss J has a sleep over with her friends; it’s always fun to have a pizza party with friends!
If you were in a cooking competition that provided a hamper with three ingredients in it, what would you dread receiving? There is really nothing I would dread receiving because I enjoy creating and new recipes on a regular basis. Trying new things is always fun and if I don’t know how or what to use with I just wing it. What’s the worst thing can happen, so it taste bad!. That makes you try harder the next time. 

What inspires you outside of the kitchen. The farmers markets and what is in season. I love to go to the farmers market on Tuesdays and Saturdays stocking up on the local produce. That’s where I get creative. I also like to visit these types of open air markets when I travel. I also love to go out to dinner but when I do I always order something that I have never made before at home. That way I can create it Gluten Free at home and share my knowledge with my readers and my family. 
What is your number 1 kitchen essential? My Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer I use it all the time and love it!
Dream dinner party--guest list, menu, drinks, music, location? My dream dinner party would be in the Italian Countryside outside with my dearest friends. First learning to cook the meal then sitting down for a feast after we had created the meal as a team. It would not matter what we ate as long as it was Italian and Gluten Free Food with Italian music playing  I would be one happy camper with Wine had by all.

sweet or savory? I have two sweet and Savory meals that come to mind one being Sweet and Savory Meatballs the other Hot Chicken Curry
please take some time to visit sheila
click HERE
to go directly to cooking underwriter

now it is time to see what you are cooking this week.  
remember, i pick my spotlight features from those who link up. 
will it be you? 
if you are new to the supper club, please go HERE  first, then link up



  1. mmm that crumble looks delish! thanks for featuring such an awesome blogger!

  2. Christy, I love the way your interviews introduce us to talented and inspiring food bloggers, and give us a deeper appreciation of the ones we already know and love!


  3. Thanks for the invite! I hope you enjoy the ribs. =)


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