Monday, May 16, 2011

Tuesday Night Supper Club--link up no. 41

we have a theme!
this week we are celebrating 
maybe because
i love them
maybe because
swimsuit season is coming soon
maybe because
it is spring
show. me. your


i am doing a give-a-way
this week
everyone who links up will get an entry
if you link up a salad
you get two entries
simple as that
the winner will be sent
this great cookbook
Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours [Book]

before we link up
can i just tell you
last week
kimmy's kitchen
linked up
i can't stop thinking about it
seriously decadent
seriously delicious

now it is time to link up
it is SALAD week
-you can link up anything you want
but get 2 entries for any salad recipe!
contest ends when linky ends and winner will be announced next week
good luck
good link!


  1. when its starting to get warmer nothing beats a nice salad! Even though my boys use to complain about nights we'd have salads and say "this is just a starter right?? the steak and potatoes are next yea??" lol... i found creative ways to make the grown male bellys satisfied and filled it was always a challenge but hey who isnt up for one of those when u love to cook right :) One of my fav salads from the summer time here in oz is the young baby spinach salad with strawberries red onions and caramalised balsalmic vinegar! Light and the flavours are just so wonderful!

  2. Okay, so I eat alot of salad. Honest. But I guess they haven't been blog worthy because I've never posted a recipe! So, you get crockpot lettuce wraps and taco pizza. Hey, they have lettuce!

  3. I posted a salad last week! This week I shared How to Make 5 Jars of Spaghetti Sauce in 5 Minutes for under $3 and Honey Mustard Chicken or Pork Marinade.

    -Nancy @

  4. I brought you a pasta salad tonight, love the theme! Miriam@Meatless Meal For Meat Eaters

  5. Thanks so much for featuring the praline-pecan french toast. I just told my hubs that his dish was featured and his eyes lit up. This little smile crossed his face and he said, "I was featured?" I think you made his night! :) Thanks!

  6. I brought an Avocado, Salmon & Cucumber Salad this week...and hopes to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Thanks so much for hosting...and I need some more good salad options ;)

  7. Okay, bad habit, link first, then I read. Oops! I most certainly did NOT link up a salad. I did make the most awesome pea and peanut salad with white beans last night though. I didn't write it up yet or anything so we'll wait before posting it. Next time I'll read first. :-)

  8. Thanks a lot for hosting and sharing.Im sharing my Baked Chili con Carne.Have a great week to all

  9. I'm starting to get excited about salads becasue we have a lot of spring greens growing in our garden and nothing taste better than picking thema and eating them that fresh!! Hope you can join my Iron Chef Challenge this week, the theme is Ham and the winning recipe gets a $50 dinner ham!!!!

  10. That praline french toast looks great! Thanks for hosting!

  11. I love salads! (good thing, because I need a balance for my baking!)
    I am sharing my recipe for Curried Chicken Chopped Salad. It has lots of great flavors and I made the dressing nice and light.
    Thanks for hosting!

  12. Just linked up with my Orange Choc Chip Bread, but oh how I wish I had a salad to link up too.

  13. I love salads, one of our favorites is the Dianne Salad from Green Street Restaurant - we have their dressing shipped.

    This is the perfect theme - I'm dieting and need new healthy ideas.

  14. um that french toast looks ridic. sinful. loves it.

    i'm a new follower and this is my first link up! thanks for hosting...sorry i don't have a good salad to share but hopefully i'll get some ideas from everyone else!

  15. I love salads and this is the perfect time of year to collect a few new recipes!


  16. Thanks for hosting this link party. I originally linked up my white chocolate raspberry mousse and then realized... it's SALAD week! I just recently blogged about my mama's -- mama's macaroni and tuna fish salad... it's amazing... although not as healthy as a green salad--it's tasty and salad worthy!

  17. Count me in! I haven't posted a salad recipe in a while so I linked-up one of my favorites from my archives.


  18. Christy, I just looked back on my post and realized that I must have already linked it up to the TNSC because you left a lovely comment. Sorry for the repeat, my friend!



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