Monday, May 2, 2011

Tuesday Night Supper Club--link up no. 39

you wouldn't believe where i was this past weekend
yes, camp
camp for adults
adult bloggers
adult food bloggers
while there was electricity
no wi-fi
no cell coverage
i haven't felt this unplugged
in years
it was awesome
i will be sharing tidbits from the weekend
in my posts
and you may see some changes in this blog
as a direct reflection of what i have learned
the most important thing i learned?
that the supper club is a community
a community of individuals
sharing a part of themselves each week
with everyone
not just me
thank you
all of you
for joining
and coming back week after week
you are the best!

wanna see what i was craving this week

summer is coming
who wouldn't love a bbq filled with these

while we are inviting people over
might as well put out a spread
how about this mouthwatering

lets finish out this trio with

and for dessert
who wouldn't love

i hope you enjoy these features. if you were featured, please feel free to pull a badge from my sidebar
i am looking forward to see what you are cooking this week

if you are new to the party, please go here before linking up
and don't forget
please visit the post before you and the one after

have a great week
and link up!


  1. Summer IS comming and I am so ready to grill, grill and grill. I posted two recipes for the grill:Ginger Lime Chicken Marinade and Grilled Pantry Pork Chops. I hope that is ok. Thanks for hosting us!

  2. mrs mix-it--you are welcome..the brownies look delicious. i am going to make them soon!

  3. nancy..of course it is have been busy in the kitchen!

  4. Hi again, sharing angel biscuits, and thanks for hosting!

  5. Excited to be apart of the tuesday supper! Everything looks wonderful =]

  6. thanks for hosting again this week. Looks like some tasty treats and I'm happy to show off my own original recipe for Mint Julep cupcakes which would make a tasty dessert for any derby party.

  7. There are some delicious looking recipes here so far. Thanks for hosting!

  8. I found your blog through Harried Homemaker...and linked up with my Chocolate Chip Biscotti-just in time for a special Bake Sale to bid on for the American Cancer Society.

    Also I grabbed your badge, and happy to say I'm following you. I will be linking this back to you!
    So happy to join your team...talented bakers, and cooks participated:DDD

  9. Thanks for hosting.I just shared my Baked chicken Tortilla Wrap

  10. Hi Christy... Unplugged sounds awesome! Glad you had such a good time. Malia

  11. Ok, not sure I get what all this is about, but it looks like you have some grand design that's been carefully orchestrated (I assume it's for good and not for evil except for the calories and cholesterol). Had so much fun with you at camp! Wonder if what's-her-name still works at Fiji. Yesterday was Monday!

  12. lentilB--this is a weekly segment that i do in which people post a great dinner/dessert recipe. it is communal and fattening! so great to meet you too...hoping to get an invite to the next fbLA...yes?


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