Monday, December 20, 2010

Tuesday Night Supper Club--link up no. 20

it is raining
noah's ark kinda rain
right here 
in sunny southern california
i love it
the more it rains
the happier i am
i have an excuse to make
stick to your rib goodies
like chili
last week we had two amazing recipes shared
this chicken taco chili from c&c marriage factory 
made it on our menu this week because i could drop it into the crock pot and forget it
and after a breakfast and lunch of cookies
it is nourishing
this  chili from
elsa's cooking diary 
is on my list too
because it is filled with beef
which hubster loves
next week, 
i plan to cook up a 
big pot
and invite friends to relax and laugh
because i couldn't help myself
even with all the baking i had to get done
i saved a little time and space
for these coconut cakes
from red couch recipes
my oh my...

i know this week is crazy for everyone
and i hope you have time to link up.  i would love for you to join up...even if it is with an older post.
i would love to know what you are cooking up for family and friends this week.  i have a few yummies to share myself!
Happy, Happy Everyone!


  1. Hello (long time no link!) Sorry to be absent for so long, returned to work after a 31/2 month "vacation"! Linking slice and bake gingersnaps. Thanks so much for hosting.

  2. Up here in Northern Cali it was raining like crazy most of the day! And to think I forgot to wear something hooded when I left the house!

  3. Your Chicken Paprikash looks very good. I brought my Cream Puffs over for you to try. Thank you for sharing your recipe and hosting us today. Merry Christmas!

  4. Linked up with a leftover idea for the holidays. Thanks for hosting.

    Around My Family Table

  5. Glad you like the chicken taco chili!

  6. Thanks for hosting!
    I linked to my recipe for Cornbread Stuffing With Chorizo Sausage. It is a gluten free recipe but you can make it with "regular" cornbread if you don't have an issue with gluten.
    This stuffing is beautiful on the table because it has green Ortega chiles and red bell peppers.
    Happy Holidays!

  7. Christy -- who says that diamonds are a girl's best friend? I think crock pots are...there is almost nothing better than walking into your home thinking what's for dinner -- then realizing that you DID throw something in the crockpot when the aroma hits you! Glad to hear you are having rain. Around here, they say that when it rains in Southern California, we will be getting moisture too -- usually snow! I hope you have the Merriest Christmas. Joni


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