Monday, October 18, 2010

Tuesday Night Supper Club--link up no 11

i have been travelling a bit this past week. exploring and playing in the pacific northwest. 
i can't wait to get back into the kitchen, to cook some of th the great things i have seen on menus 
in washington and oregon
but before i left
i just had to make these chocolate crinkle cookies from the domestic engineer
and i would venture a guess that they travel well
but they didn't last long enough to find out

we've been experiencing a bit of a cool spell--which is perfect weather for this delicious spicy catfish curry from louanne's kitchen.  can't wait to make it.

i can't wait to see what you cooked up
so link up!

if you are new to tuesday night supper club--click here to see what we are all about.


  1. Thanks for linking! Those crinkle cookies look yummy. I have never made those, but have always wanted to, and chocolate is my vice!

  2. I love those chocolate crinkle cookies - they are some of my favorites. :) This is my first time joining. Yum.

  3. Hey Christy, thanks for hosting. Hope you're having a fantastic night!

  4. Hi Christy, thanks again for hosting. I see you have been in the PNW, that's my area if you were close to Vancouver WA. Hope all is well.

  5. Hi Christy! I finally made it for supper on supper night! whooo hooo! I feel so organized! Thanks so much for hosting this lovely supper link up. I am sharing some wicked good fermented red cabbage slaw that is absolutely beautifully colored. Thus pretty in pink slaw! All the best! Alex@amoderatelife

  6. Always look forward to your Tuesday Night Supper Club and all the yummy recipes! Thanks again!

  7. Hi Christy - the supper club is booming! Love all the great links. I linked up a coffee cake - not quite supper, but I would eat it for supper no problem!


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